CRAVE is the only trade publication in the world dedicated to the business of tattoo and body piercing. While regular magazines try to reach the general public, we speak directly to the artists and entrepreneurs who are at the core of tattoo - the very people who shape the tattoo culture from the inside out. CRAVE is still the only 100% direct mailed publication printed on its' famous oversized format.

Why Advertise in CRAVE

CRAVE exposes you directly to tattoo culture's most influential customers.

Over the past 10 years, tattooing has exploded into the mainstream. What people don't realize is that tattoo artists, piercers and tattoo business owners are the ones who set the styles and attitudes of what is cool and what is hot. Body modification professionals shape tattoo culture, one tattoo and one piercing at a time. Clients look to tattoo industry professionals as role models and fashion icons. If a tattoo artist thinks your product is cool, then everyone thinks it's cool. So, whether you are a tattoo supply company wanting to advertise directly to your core customers, or a clothing company looking to build your brand, you need CRAVE, tattoo's only monthly trade publication!

Get on board with CRAVE. Don't get left behind. Tattoo culture is growing and changing every day. A constant stream of new faces, new companies and new ideas are making their presence known. Each year an entirely new generation of professionals are entering the industry. Old ideas about what equipment to use, what clothes to wear and what styles to embrace are constantly being challenged and reshaped. Competition is everywhere. If you want to keep your brand in the forefront of tattoo culture, then you need to reach the people who make it happen. CRAVE is the only publication that goes directly into the hands of industry professionals each and every month. CRAVE delivers your message, your brand and your product to the forefront of this dynamic and ever changing business landscape.

The CRAVE Mission

The growth of the industry has caused competition to explode. In this cut-throat business climate only the most well informed and well run businesses will survive. CRAVE makes no apologies for being a true trade publication. We get right to the core of what studios and artists need in order to survive and thrive in today's competitive market. CRAVE does not mess around with fluffy articles that just look pretty and fill up space. We make sure that CRAVE readers have all the tools they need to not only stay afloat in these trouble times, but to also thrive and grow. CRAVE goes right to the heart of these needs with content designed specifically to help your business succeed. 


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